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Sunday, May 25, 2014

13th May - Reykjavik to Vik

The Iceland airport is ever the 1st airport I had encounter with NO PEOPLE around at 10pm
All shop in the airport are closed
Beside a duty free shop
And I even not sure whether it's going to operate 24 hours
Just too silent here~
And ... They forget my check in backpack in Copenhagen~
What's going on these people here?

I report to the only 2 staff in the airport regarding my delayed luggage
yet, I'm luckily to meet a Switzerland merchant who comes Iceland for meeting willing to take me a lift from the airport to the town city
I think good man is really everywhere, as he has been waiting for me 40 mins as I need to report my lost and walk out the airport the last person >.<

Together, we find my Iceland couch surf place in the town (I snapped the map day before I depart for map refer) and we witness the sun on 11pm indirectly helping us to find the road


I can't believe my host have more than 10 couch surfers at the same time >.<
What a generous host
And he told me all the couch and mattress here are collected from the city where people abandon their unused item

Bingo, we are over a night in a dump site >.<
However, I do appreciate the host

Right to give is never under the condition of rich people but those who have a good heart and willing to give 
The early morning, 5 Russian backpacker left the site, I have some conversation with an England couple and a Switzerland guy, they told me hitch-hiking is popular in Iceland as they have few main road to different place only
This sound familiar, aren't it same like New Zealand?
I took the suggestion and try my luck today


Volcano area hot stream everywhere
Resident here transform the hot stream to energy for home use



5 times hitch-hike, about 3 and a half hour from Reykjavik to Vik West to South
Thanks for all kind Icelander

Vik - famous with it's black sand on the beach

Welcome to Iceland!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

12th May - Denmark fly Iceland

Initially, I would like to visit my last destination in Copenhagen - The National Museum
However, I forgot the Museum is closed on Monday >.<
I change my plan to visit Hans Christian Andersen who's statue at City Hall

And when I arrived city hall, I saw a lot people walk into the City Hall
Driven by my curiosity, I step into the City Hall
And witness the World Clock and it's creator


What an honor I'm here to know the World Clock and it's creator's story here~

Last year, Denmark is the winner of Eurovision
Comes to this year they are the host of the contest
It attracted tourist to visit the city and attend the contest in live

Front door of City Hall
Do you know the reason Mr Andersen looking at Tivoli?

The City Hall

After visit the City Hall and money exchange in the main train station, I returned to Svanemøllen to pick up my luggage
Thanks for these 2 days my couch surf host Ms Vicki Chuang able to host me for 2 days
She's a wonderful girl to me
Kind, soft and give every care to me
Never forget to give some credit to her boyfriend Antti, he is a humor tall guy, gentle and friendly
He even offer himself to help me carry my huge backpack
Of cause I refuse his kindness, they are going to have an examination soon at evening
They should rest rather than sending me
To live with them just like make myself home

On my way in the train heading to the airport

Just coincident met Aram Sargsyan in the entrance of airport
He represent Armenia in the Eurovision Contest this year
When I asked him whether he will take part on next year and he said: No 
As the contest took 4-5 months to prepare, is a tired job to him

Thursday, May 22, 2014

11th May - Last day in Copenhagen

There's a lot happening in Nørepport station
Out from the station heading northeast about 800m will see it just located at the intersection of traffic light

Maybe it's not peak season now, almost every museum I plan to visit is upgrading in progress

Here we are in Statens Museum for Kunst

 Denmark's art museum heavyweight straddles seven centuries of European art.

Abraham and his son Isaac remind me a song I like after the movie 'Hunger Game'

For those who know the story from Bible shall be familiar with Abraham and the sacrifice of his son, Isaac




A young lady slave sculpture

The Death took away a baby from a poor mother

The Death just like alive....

This sculpture strike me

A man walk in difficult with his hand hold tight a hourglass
It does reflected every of us is fighting hard with the limited life time every day, did you realized that?

 Even backpacking these year, I never have the chance to live in a campervan before~
And I always wish to have my own caravan which the combination of car and house then I can be anywhere travel with my own house, how nice it could be!

 They have a special room for parents and their children doing some art craft and painting works

A resting or gathering hall

The space design of the museum provided an unlimited space of inspiration and freedom to all visitor

 As I said before, Copenhagen encourage the citizen to travel with their bike
Therefore we can see the bike almost everywhere especially nearby the train station

 All road designed a special thoroughfare for those cyclist

 I return to the main station await for the time to 5pm then start using my 24 hour train pass
As I will leave Copenhagen to Iceland on tomorrow at 5pm
Quiet calculative >.<

After activate my 24 hour train pass, I heading to the Bella Center continue the journey on yesterday to the VM & Mountain houses

The mountain houses are designed from layer by layer from top, therefore every unit will not getting view block from the upper floor

Right in front of the apartment, the developer design a relaxation area for the resident

The Metro train just above the relaxation area and the railway are somehow performed as the shelter for the little park

There's some wild life living in the water and nesting on the grass. It's somehow connected the living environment and the wild

They encourage the civilization of the resident there to clean the drop of their pet by self conscious

Large clear window design are always elegant and modern

Here comes to the V Houses design

The V Houses are awarded due to the special design of the protruded V shape balcony
Looking from far I will think it's just look like the skin of a fruit famous in Malaysia - Durian

What a beautiful swan swimming here

When a place you can see the wild life living well mean you are living in a healthy and non polluted environment

Just about 10 mins walk down from the beautiful apartment, there's the largest shopping mall in Scandinavia

Denmark's people have various bike than you can imagine to carry their child

 Met the traditional baked food here~
It's just too sweet for me

I can't believe that there's a shopping mall closed at 6pm does exits

That's the reason I like to observe women whom well dressed on the street
Will man buy their women a nice dress for them to being naked when they went out with the man?
A nice looking women will add credit to her man, so don't stingy on your pocket ^o^

Quiet convenient to reach the mall, but you gonna reach there earlier before it close on 6pm

A steel bar help up the cyclist carry their bike on a staircase, what a thoughtful design~

Really impressed to the convenient of transportation in Copenhagen, it's a big city but well manage
As I lived in Singapore before, I will think Singapore transportation system is better
However, we should count in the population and the city area its covered