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Monday, February 24, 2014


22-Feb-2014 My Last Working Sat with CR11

本来今天约好一个已离职的同事说要一起吃个午饭,就当是饯行的,谁知他临时有事(又不早点说,明明一星期前就已经问过他了的)... 最后还是若男比较有心,邀我上她家吃午饭~






由于我不吃牛肉,所以吃的都是兔肉。这还是我第一次吃兔肉呢~ 话说兔肉也是若男的婆婆从中国进口来的,我也不好意思就这样‘帮’人家吃了千山万水带来给媳妇补身子的食物,草草吃了一些,感受一下兔肉什么口感的就好了。

饱餐一顿之后就步行回家... 挨着高耸的HDB一直走,我不用开伞也不用怕晒,这就是新加坡独有的特色,高楼挡住了大大的太阳,让走在路上的人感觉凉爽,再远的路也能走下去....


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 My female married friend told me, they would prefer to have a daughter rather than a son, as most of them is a beauty mother, they like to make up for their daughter. I think my mum have the same thought like them, she was an ex-owner of a hair salon.

 Is a blessed to have a mother who know how to make the hair, you can save a lot money from hair salon

 After hair perm, hair trimming started

 It's a hot weather in Ipoh during Chinese New Year when we doing the hair trimming at the porch, I was fall in slept when mum doing the trimming in half way~~ When all things done, I was surprised with the hair length then what has been expected >.<
That moment make me understand one fact: The hair-dresser never understand what we mean 'slightly trim' T.T hahahah~

That's not finish yet, she is trying to pursuit me taking the facial treatment as well, I can see the sincere in her eyes and agreed with her kind offer LOL

I never know what is put on my face and I don't bother to know, as I think a mother always give their children the best ^o^

Thanks mum for the services, I will be back again next time ^o^