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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

20th June 2014: Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is famous with its unbeatable landscape
I tried to figure out its actual profileby paying a visit for 2 days
Since I have not much day off left, I can't even choose the best weather to go....

Do recognize the train that 'Harry Porter' take to Hogwart?

Along the way to Isle of Skye, there's plenty scenic people would able to enjoy~

I really like the valley in that way ^.*


Eilean Donan Castle - one of the most romantic Scottish Castle
It has been used for filming before
Most notably Highlander and James Bond's The World is Not Enough

This is typical highland scenic
The clouds are making colour for the mountains
And it's moving all the time, slowly~
At my one sight I thought the mountain have some dark oak trees grown on it
While I pay more attention on it, I found that the 'trees' are moving >.<   

Arrived Skye about 1.15pm but the Bunk house that I wanted to live in has been full house when I arrived...
Regreted not to get my bed booking in advance, Nick did warned me day before I go
All around Scotland, he like Skye the most, therefore he familiar the places than any others
But... I had forgot about it
However, the host of Sligachan Bunk House is kind to suggest me another bunk house nearby - The Waterfront Bunk House 
It's so much better than the Sligachan Bunk House!!
Look at the water and the view here!
Luckily, the Waterfront Bunk House still left a 4 beds dorm even during this high peak tourist visiting season 

Managed to ask people who are chatting in front of the Sligachan, and they point me the direction with clear description
And I set out there again by my old method on road - hitchhiking
Haven't ready to point properly my finger to the direction, there's a local car stopped for me
I have good feeling to this place, really ^o^

The pub worker are also the Bunk House crew as well
They recommended a few track for hiking after lunch

As one of the hiking area (a forest) is close to the bunk house, I decided to take a walk there by hitchhiking
But I didn't realize there is a long driving way up to the mountain, and I don't know where should I stop...
Although I had catch a car to go into the area, but I found no way to stop
Anyway, I just point some way there have car park and manage to walk into the forest for adventure~

But the little forest just full with midges
I can't stand any longer or go deeper to the forest as I might lost my direction somehow to come out later 

After I walked out from the forest to the main road again, I don't know where should I go...
Definately not the direction I came just now
So I left the only direction to go in another side
I barely can see the lovely mountain view from the way I'm going, it's gave me a hope to walk toward
I kept walking and enjoy the weather
One thing I really like in the 4 seasons country is: The weather wouldn't cause me sweat ^o^
And the sun never too hard for me ^.^
For this only reason, I can walk miles~
Finally, I saw there's a car park site and people walked into the field, guess is going for hiking
Never have any second thought, I just follow the flow ^o^

 Skye is a lovely place I have to declare 
Althought I don't feel the same when I was there, as the weather doesn't right
Cloudly and slighly rain
I can see the spectacular of the mountains but it doesn't take my breath away as Nick has described to me

I was slipped when I just walk into the field
My gloves get dirty but mud and so was my trousers
Gosh... How can you welcome me in this way???
Maybe that effected my feeling to this gorgeous place >.<

Not only midgets that effected my mood
But also the big fat slug >.<
I feel so creepy when I saw something crawling, especially the caterpillar T.T

After the Sligachan walk, I didn't felt satified
Since the time still early for dinner, I took another walk to Glen Sligachan
It's located the same place just more up to the hills from the exit

I wish I can get something better but....
It's just a small little tiny valley
In Scottish, Glen = Valley

Well, that's it
Nothing more than that when sun began to set and my stomach started to noise
I walked out the field and do notice there's a couple walked behind me
I need to hitchhike for going out the place and I do hope they have their own vehicle and able to take me a lift >.< They look so lovely on my first sight
Eventually, my hope went true
The couple from Belgium is lovely as I was expected and they even took me back to the bunk house
What a wonderful people here ^o^

After the shower, I feel alive
The sunset right at the waterfront just so beautiful
Peaceful embraced me at this moment
I felt love by the nature here~

The Old Inn - the pub right beside the Waterfront Bunkhouse
They have a band will play the music from 9pm to 12am

Yet, I'm too tired that day
Went to sleep early at 11pm
Thanks for my roommate, they told me how to use the washing machine for free ^o^
 Then I wash & dry my dirty cloths after a lovely hot shower
Then I fall in deep sleep....