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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

9th April - Sweden Royal Palace & Skansen Museum

I don't get why there's no sunshine at all on early morning 8am...
Just realized the dorm have no window
And I'm not sure how many of the tenants has been awake or they still sleeping
Anyway, I'm going to visit the Swedish Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) today

On my walking way toward the palace, almost all building having their antique look for the facade

To cross the bridge we enter to the border of Royal Palace

The Palace are not allowed for photo, I took this picture as I really interested on their rooms arrangement

Their queen are all so beautiful~

So were their plaster ceiling, classic and elegance

5.5m thickness of the defense-wall, moreover it comes double layer for each inside and outside

Luckily I went there early and able to walk the palace together the tour guide with English explanation, otherwise this will be a boring trip for me as I know nothing about the Royal Family

It's about 100++ years ago Sweden has become a democracy country in Scandinavia, the Royal Family still exits but no longer live in the Palace. They will only be here occasionally for some royal business, the same time the Royal Palace will need to be close for the occasion

In order to save money from public transportation (about half an hour walking distance accordingly to the passerby of Sweden), I walked to my next destination (Skansen Museum - The Open-air Museum)

In fact, it took me about 50mins to arrive Skansen Museum
Perhaps I have a pair of short legs I guessed ^o^

The wild life here really impressed me
A place that full of wild life it's a place with life passionate people living around

All along the road side the antique building everywhere
Just like the ornament of the city embellished the country in the eye of the world

I was arrived Skansen about ten to three on afternoon
It's left me about one hour to visit all the hut as for most of the shop will be closed at 4pm
Anyway, I still decided to go in as this might be my only chance to visit

Skansen museum is famous with present to the visitor the ancient Sweden life style in the way they have different house of hand skilled like Glass Maker~


Furniture Maker

Amazing carpenter skill

And the shoe maker, wool maker etc... has been closed while I came to their front door =.=

There's another reason I choose to visit Skansen which is they have the wild life world beside the hand skill huts

The wild life here represent most popular wild life in Sweden
I have to know whether I need to aware for those poisoned or fierce animal or not if I happen to walk in the Swedish forest one day >.<
Anyway, animal is my favorite topic ^o^

The Sami house in south Sweden really look different with the North

They made their roof with soil and grass 
and they have high columns to support their store room in case flood happen any time
Food storage are much more important than their living place

Cute fake reindeer in front of the Sami's house
Whenever the Sami go, the reindeer to follow
So once you saw reindeer in Scandinavia, definitely their owner 'The Sami' are somewhere around

A peacock fly over the fence and a Sweden flag waving on the air at the same time
World is silent and peace from now on

Lynx - the famous shy wild cat in Scandinavia

Most people living here have no chance to see a lynx in live, as they are really good in hiding and they scare human, just like the Kiwi bird to New Zealander

The eagle owl is the largest and heaviest of European owls
I'm so lucky to see one during the daytime as they used to active only at night
Much more bigger than the Snowy Owl that Harry Porter have - Hedwig (her name)
I wonder if Harry Porter have the Eagle Owl as his pet, it might not need to death during the battles of Porters search

I wish to visit the nearer new ABBA museum (a year from the opening) as well, but time flied to 6pm when I left Skansen
I can't even finish my visit to the aquarium
All museum closed at 4pm
and I had lost all my energy on walk back to City Lodge
The tram just stop in front of Skansen when I came out from the main entrance
Without a second thought I took the tram to go back the city

The tram ticket worth SEK 44 and valid for an hour ride (doesn't matter how many time you hope in and out)
It took only 8-9 mins from Skansen to Stockholm city, unless I really want to have a tram trip from the city to any other places, I can fully utilized the value of the ticket
But I'm just too tired for my long walk today
9.40am - 6pm
Totally exhausted
All I need at the moment is some food and a shower

8th April - Stockholm Photograph Museum

After I had restored my energy - unload the luggage and TAKE MY HOT SHOWER in a nearest backpacker lodge (accidently found it when roaming around the city)
10 ppl dorm - SEK 230 / night
I paid for 2 nights as I really can't get any host from couch surf in Stockholm
It's 2.30pm while I decided to take a walk in Stockholm city

Never arrive the city too late as all places are going to close at 4pm
The only place I can visited is The Photograph Museum (10am - 9pm)

Honestly, I'm not very good in photography, but I'm willing to learn from those experts





And, I found that I might went into a historical museum rather than a photograph museum
Really have no idea for all pass century photo >.<

After all, since there's the only restaurant in the museum / exhibition hall (preferable to call) 
I have my dinner here with SEK 240 (SGD 46 / RM 120)
Hot chocolate SEK 40 (SGD7.7 / RM20)
Mozzarella Salad SEK 135 (SGD25.9 / RM 67.3)
Cardamom Bun SEK 30 (SGD 5.8 / RM 15.3)
Swiss Roll SEK 35 (SGD 6.7 / RM 17.4)

After the expensive meal, I felt myself an artist as well

They have unbeatable view no doubt

After my dinner, continue my walk in the museum
There's still 2 and a half hours to reach 9pm

This photo like presented the recycle of life

I was terrified by this wax man right around the corner I turned



Another TERRIFIED wax women here T.T
I felt myself in the hunter house now T.T~~~~

This photo gave me a deep feeling that a bright future youth fell into the computer's net world and rotted his angle's wing slowly comes to his soul
Poor kids

Not only Roger's photo in this museum

I choose the photo that I really have the feel with the title matched

I believe the non-stop rain today is due to the changing season from winter to spring

I wish my coat could be warmer

An one way ticket for train or buses will cost you SEK 36
It's valid for 75 mins in typical zone only from start of the first journey
And you might interested to buy one for a friend to use, it can last a year from the date you purchase

Therefore I roamed in the station in order to fully utilized the given convenient and the value of the ticket