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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

17th - 19th June - Ordinally gorgeous day

The ordinally day I used to have when I'm schedule on duty
but Backpacker lodge is not a normal place
It's always gather people who are extraordinary
I met someone really gorgeous today when I'm cooking my 2 days lunch + dinner

A 78's old Canada granny Backpacker
I wish I could be like her when I comes to 70++
Not necessary to backpacking at that age but healthy and able to backpack ^.*

We found a board game and start playing this few days
- Risk -
It's about to complete a selected mission with world conquering

Will this my next destination to conquer?

Anyway, I won in accidently
I have got the most simple mission to complete ^.*

Sometimes is snookering

Sometimes is Underwater Hockey

Doesn't matter how you pass your day, so long is you happy with that~

16th June - Kilmartin

Great! my turn to get rest once a week
Gonna visit the nearer town or interesting places around Oban
Marzia suggest me to visit the nearest place here - Kilmartin

I can't believe the bus that I was looking to take to Kilmartin just pass by in front of me O.O
And the next bus scheduled at 1pm, just 3 hours ahead of the last bus which return to Oban
What can I do now when it's just 9.30am?
I desparately need to visit Kilmartin by TODAY!!!
It's doesn't work in the city
and there's no bus I can get now
  I walked out to the city by following the highway lead to Kilmartin
After 1 hour walking
I decided to stop on a safe road bank and doing my hitchhiking
Still, there's good people in Scotland that able to take me
A logistic driver who deliver some farm machine to the rural side will pass by Kilmartin
But he warn me to do not doing hitchhiking again in Scotland >.<  Said it's 'Dangerous'

Finally arrived Kilmartin by 1pm.... phew....
At least I have 3 hours to walk around before the last bus back to Oban

Adviced by Peter, I should first visit the museum in the town to get the route map in order to visit the ancient tomb and standing stones

Then I read this flyer in the museum
I'm so interested to the Viking Festival, as viking seems famous in Scandinavia and North land
This will be my next programme ^.*

Before the walk, please let me have something to my stomach
I'm starved after the long walk and hitchhiking >.<
My order is: Lentil + Thyme

Western soup is different with what I have in Malaysia
The soup is full of vegetables and sometimes with meat, you will feel full with only a bowl of soup
And, they use to serve soup with some bread, not the same in Malaysia as we drink soup as the replacement of water during meal
Thyme produced good smell for the soup
I'm glad that I choose to have soup before the walk, because the restaurant will stop cooking hot meal after 3pm
I have no confident to return here before 3pm >.< when I actually arrived here about 1.15pm

Then began my walk



Kilmartin Standing Stones
Took me almost 1 hour to find it which it's only opposite of the Temple Wood Circle =.=

There's good people saw me walking back to Kilmartin for the last bus, took me a lift
Although it's only 1km to walk, but I actually left not much time to 4pm

What's await for me when I return is, FOOD!!!!
Guys doing meal again
Juan's pizza and Natura's chocolate cake ^o^
Spainish are brilliant!

14th & 15th - Sunset at Oban

When we have no programme on the day
Chasing sunset is the important thing to do

Although sometime, we will be disappointed

Sun set view from Mc Caig's Tower

Therefore, I tried to hunt the better sunset view from different angle in Oban city

Sunset from the beach side

Is this consider a successful sunset picture?