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Saturday, March 29, 2014

23-3-14 From Risøyhamn to Kirkenes

We can't get direct flight from Risøyhamn to Kirkenes
30mins flight from Risøyhamn to Tromsø 
1 and a half hour flight from Tromsø to Kirkenes
I met my next host (Jørgan at Tromsø's airport)
He is just returned Norway today from Sweden

Arrived Kirkenes at 2.55pm (surprisingly early!!)
and we probably able to get the bus will arrive on 3.30pm once a day
I didn't know about the bus schedule, I just bought the ticket lucky in the right time
But I think Jørgan is alert about the bus, as he agreed to pick me up from the airport, since he knew about my flight is matching with his, he just bring me to the bus when we met.
217kr (about SGD46, RM119) for one and a half hour distance
Quiet expensive 

I have my own room like what I had in Risøyhamn
The wardrobe for my stuff
And we share the bathroom
What a nice house

Since this Jørgan's new house, he made the whole house running the Water Boiler Heater System
The heat is gone under the floor, and the will heat up from the floor to control the temperature of the space above the ground

The balcony

Jørgan nearest neighbor
About 700m away??

The front main road of the house

22-3-14 Last Night Party

At the morning, Tifa asked to come in the house after she went out for 'toilet' ^o^

I really like when she pay her attention on hearing, as this she will have her ears up~

Heidi has arranged a party night at 22nd March 2014 before I confirmed myself to stay with her
Just coincident I can make myself involved in the party

On my way walking from Heidi's house to the cafe, about 15mins
This a small town with only 200 residents, everyone almost neighbor to each other
Most of them are walking to the cafe as well, as there will serve alcohol tonight and no driving allowed after taken the alcohol

While we are await for the customer, photo time

Heidi said is start on 9pm, but I wait until 10pm still no customer yet...

I have been the cashier that night
15% tax for the alcohol
25% tax for others
150kr per entry (Appx SGD26, RM70)
68kr for beer (Appx SGD12, RM32)
78kr for Rum (Appx SGD14, RM37)
85kr for Vodka mixed soft drink (Appx SGD15, RM40)
115kr for Whisky mixed soft drink (Appx SGD20, RM 54)
We do served non alcohol drinks like coffee only 20kr (Appx SGD3.47, RM 9.3) but not taste like Starbucks or Coffee Bean, it just dark coffee without sugar and milk
5kr for peanuts & snacks (Appx SGD 0.9, RM 2.4)

Finally, Margaret arrived
She is Heidi's best friend, they used to travel and visit each others

Hæga, Heidi's cafe worker. A lovely women who just older than me a year
She can bake a lot of cafe & bread, taste so good~

Live band for the party, they start playing music about 11pm

Is my 1st time to know that's a mixed drink between hot dark coffee with vodca >.<
They said this is normal for North Norsk (Norway people)

People here used to have early dinner at 4pm
Supper at 8pm
Sleep about 11pm
Used to drink coffee no matter what time is it

We have only candles for illuminate

March, we have early sun rise about 3~4am
Alcohol last serve at 2am (Norway's law) and we closed on 2.15am
Returned home about 2.50am
Slept about 3.30am

This is the view out of my window, I really like rural life style ^.^

21-3-14 Heidi's Pizza Recipe

Today is the day Heidi teach me how to bake a pizza

All above ingredient + water + oil

For the topping meat, onion + garlic
The quantity is depends on personal preference 

This is what Heidi going to add later to fired the meat of pizza topping

Heidi prefer to take beef for the pizza, but since she knew I don't take beef, then we have the pork for the topping. Just felt thanks for her consideration

And, she like the tomato sauce on the meat
If you prefer BBQ sauce you can shift to your preference

Then, the mixed flour is rise and ready for the pizza's crust

Just spread the rising flour all around the oven equally


Cheeses on topping

Raw crust ready

Tomato sauce on top at first (Heidi wanna more sour taste)

Fired meat the next

Cheeses on top of the meat

220 degree with about 20mins
You may need to check the pizza frequently as some others would like to have different baked time

Cut the pizza

Then you have it
Heidi make 2 pizza in the different of with pineapple (put below the cheese) or without pineapple
Because her young kids doesn't like the pineapple >.< 

Heidi's youngest son, Petter, 6 years old

Friday, March 21, 2014

18th, 19th & 20th March - Shomakershua Cafe

18th March 2014

We have a cold night yesterday, the morning when I walked to the seaside just noticed the ice has been formed float at the sea surface after a night with -8 degree

I made myself a rich breakfast ^o^
Don't know what's the reason, I'm been here about week, never saw any egg inside the fridge
I get the egg when I asked for it >.<

We make the fire woods at night

Tifa like to get close to the fire woods as well
but I thought she is warm enough with her thick fur??
Alright, she just like to get accompany ^.*

19th March 2014
I had a reindeer meat for my breakfast

20th March 2014 - Shomakershua Cafe

Today I will help in the cafe for the lunch order on fired rice. I never have any confident to cook for others but Heidi asked me to cook for her walk in customer from 2-4pm, that's really a challenge for me....

1st, their seasoning all written in Norwegian 
I need to taste all the bottle one-by-one in order to get the seasoning that I need for the fired rice

Then I face the problem of cutting the garlic & onion to small pieces
Their blender's knife is too short to cut the bigger thing like onion

I can't find the right pan for the omelet, without others choice, I make it with the hot plate which they used to have it to cook the meat for burger

At last, lucky I can still have a bigger pan for the rice, although they had used to have digital stove for the food. I need to cook the rice by portion as the pan can't make it all in one time 

Although I have no confident at all for my cooking skill, but Heidi & Hæga seem like it very much
Really appreciated their compliment to me

These are all the seasoning I used for the fired rice
Onion powder, Garlic powder, Chicken powder, Chili powder, White pepper & Soy sauce

It's a huge portion I prepared for the customer, but there's not many people order the fired rice as their lunch, most of the food had went into our stomach >.<

My fired rice & Heidi's roasted chicken

I never have a thought to have cook like a cook in any restaurant, but I had granted an opportunity now, in Norway, far away country from my origin place. Life is unpredictable isn't it?

Treasure whatever what is in the hand, no matter you need it now or not. Gift it to someone who need it in the future or maybe you can used it one day for your own good. We never know what is await in front of us, just cheers for anything comes to us.