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Monday, October 13, 2014

5th July - Belfast

Today is my day off
3 of us visiting the capital city of Northern Ireland - Belfast

Chris and Mandy like to shop in the local traditional market - St George's Market
Just like the Pasar Pagi in Malaysia
Many stall gather in a same place
Food (cooked or uncook), accessories, paint and music!!!

Chris came here for just the fish market

After the St George's Market, we arrived the stadium of Titanic
I never watched this movie before as it's kind of romantic and love movie, which I'm not really fancy on it
But it's good to find out that the Titanic is born in Belfast ^o^

This is where the pump house for Titanic
Passenger and cars drive in from here, and when the gate is open, the water from sea will fill up the pump house and float the ship, then, Titanic is ready to sail out!

As I had suggested some herbs ingredient of China to make soup, Chris and Mandy brough me here for shopping ^o^

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2nd - 4th July - Let's Experience the Northern Ireland Life

This is my room in Northern Ireland, stayed with Chris (Irish) and Mandy (Scots) for 25days work exchange in gardening work ^o^
I like the room ^.*

1st cooking my hometown food for Chris and Mandy
If you do notice, I almost repeat the same dishes in every host place I had stayed before >.<
To get the Asian ingredient is not easy, as most of the name I knew is written in Chinese
I think is good to prepare some simple food rather than complicated one, not to difficult my host to get those ingredient for me (some more I'm not confident to made it in correct way >.<)

Chris is a music lover, he play Bodhran
Every week (mostly Friday) he will have some playing session with his friends who are music lover as well
I like to attend those music session to experience the culture of music
I can't drink, but still I will try to try some Irish beer (end up is just finish half a bottle)

1st July 2014 - Scotland to Northern Ireland

Oban - Glasgow by train

Beautiful building in St Mungo

My self prepared lunch in Oban yesterday >.<

This my 1st time know about Shiva As Nataraja (The Lord of the Dance)
It's a popular image of the Hindu god Shiva, showing how he subdued 10,000 heretics by dancing on the demon of ignorance.
This dramatic yet serene bronze image of Shiva illustrates a legend which tells of a battle during which the god subdued 10,000 heretical holy men. In the final conflict the holy men employed a fierce black dwarf, the demon of ignorance Apasmarapurusa, to destroy Shiva with a club. Shiva put one foot on the dwarf's back and performed a magical dance which was so brilliant that the dwarf and then the holy men acknowledged Shiva as their master. The dance has been interpreted as encapsulating the eternal cycle of creation and destruction that constitutes the universe.

St Mungo Catheral - It's the most beautiful Catheral that I ever met

I like the concept of 'Rent the Bicycle' and cycle around the city
You can choose whichever bicycle you like and received a password to unlock the bicycle

Glasgow City Centre

I should have notice this on my 1st day arrived Glasgow  T.T
I stayed less than 28 days in Oban

Lunch in the airport

Thursday, October 09, 2014

29th June - Glencoe

Today is my last time to travel with Peter (The Host of Backpacker)

Glencoe is a famous sking place in west scotland, well, in winter time


We set out with 3 cars and 1 is missing with wrong turn before the Glencoe
That cause this guys turn out late

My only training shoes has been washed and yet dry off (thanks to the Viking Festival >.<)
Therefore I went up the mountain by snow boot
Which is really bad for hiking I know

The Devil's Staircase in Glencoe is really devil indeed
I can't reach the top with my boots and decided to come down rather then struggled to go up
Time is run out, they have been on the top more than 10 mins, is useless for me to reach the top when everyone is on their way downhill   T.T

Peter and me is the last 2 climbers out of all
At least, I do have some good photo with me, don't you think so?
By the way, Peter lie to me, he said there's no midgets in Glencoe and I just proof it was a wrong statement, I did get lot of bite by midgets

From the way back to Oban, Peter said we can have a stop for the castle, the famous Eilean Donan Castle
This photo taken by friend of mine from Spain (Alex)
I believe is somehow after effect but can't denied it's look good ^.*