Special Perform by: Sullivan.W

Saturday, August 27, 2011

8th March To Oamaru

We left Dunedin at the early morning, with the bless of Bick Hong (the kindness Coach's owner from Sarawak, Malaysia), we ride up toward Oamaru.

Oamaru is a good place to base yourself while exploring Otago's many coastal attractions. As a driver, I shouldn't distracted by the plenty of coastline, I did do well on my part, at least we safety arrived Moeraki Boulders.

Here we are, the Moeraki Boulders. I drifted almost 3 hours (most of the time I can't bear on the sleepy) to arrive here. As usual, we need to walk half an hour from the public car park to the beach.

After the amazing walk at Moeraki Coastline, we finally arrived Oamaru. We all here for its colony of blue penguins (the smallest in the world) & the yellow-eyed penguins (some of the rarest). Well, since this is still the afternoon (around 2pm), penguins are only home at night, we can't visit them while they are still outside in the deep sea >.<

During these empty slot, we went to the public garden in Oamaru. NZ are famous with their beautiful plenty of flowers. I can't name it, but it's really light up my day while I saw the flowers. Don't miss understood, I will prefer the flower on pot.

Well, three of us separate visited the different point of the garden, therefore you can only see me in the picture

How you name this flower? It's really beautiful doesn't it?

The red of flower reflected on my face~

How can a flower growth big as same size of my face?

Lovely flower, as reflected my lovely to this land~

This the most beautiful corner of the garden~ Those yellow, pink & red flower were found here

How's this corridor? Looked like the special wedding path for a new couple ^.^

Look, I found a new species. It's a white rose with red fringe! How much effort they do for this?

After the garden visited, we found that it's still too early for the penguins visit. Drive up to the hill for Oamaru beach view, I found that Oamaru is such a good place for resident. The wind were not freeze and the weather here are much more stable than other states.

I concluded, while we found the flowers here can growth so well, why not for people?

Ya, as usual, the top hill always have the directory to show you the distance from this place to many other places. I wish I can find Malaysia, and finally I found the insignificant of my country to NZ >.<

You can even found Calcutta & Hong Kong! What's wrong with Malaysia & Singapore??

Finally, at night, we drove to the beach side around 7pm to see the penguins return their home to the rocks at coastline.

We did saw the Yellow-eyed Penguins around late evening, but the video that I took is too small to zoom out the penguins, therefore I didn't upload here. Some of the Yellow-eyed are with their yellow eyebrow, cute~

The Yellow-eyed live in the cliff off the beach side

You never know how strong they are to walk up to the cliff everyday, you will not see any of them accidently fall down from there

Every mornng, they will walk down from the cliff to the beach, then go into the sea looking for their foods. A same path, never change~

Guess who I met at the Moeraki Beach? Is Philipp Gunther (we knew each other at Auckland)! And his new g/f (who I introduced to Philipp during our trip to Waitomo Cave). I totally have no idea how he manage to climb up the boulder??? He tried to pull me up but unsuccessful >.< I believed it's all thanks to my increased fat T.T

Although the public garden looked tiny enough for pay a visit, but its make my day, send a kiss for You, one of my favorite place in NZ ~ The Oamaru Public Garden ^.^