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Monday, January 13, 2014

My 2013 Christmas

I had received a good friend's email about a month before the Christmas who wish to visit my hometown 'Ipoh' during Christmas. I have no plan to go home during Christmas, as I found myself has less topic to chit-chat with my old man whom alone at home. This might be the faith, that I need to be home to host my friend and accompany my old man >.<

1st day in Ipoh - 22nd Dec 2013
The famous food in Ipoh, 'Dim Sum'
We had a lot of 'Bao', dumpling, fried dumpling, rice noodles, fish ball, etc
After the heavy breakfast like this, I think I can even skip the lunch

2nd day in Ipoh - 23rd Dec 2013
I had brought them to the nature cave in Ipoh
The most famous one is 'Perak Cave'
It's a temple indeed, people decorate and maintain it as a Chinese Temple to attract visitor 

My old man ^.^

There's a lot climbing staircase in 'Perak Cave' for people to reach the top of the cave
I couldn't said its a mountain as its really not 'tall' enough 

 It does required some stamina to walk up the staircase for the top view
After struggling with my father, we both reach the top and enjoy the achievement that belongs to both father & daughter 

My old man said this could be the last time he tried to walk up to the top
He is 60's

I had bought myself the Sari on this morning and collected after the cave visit
This is my 1st Sari which I dream to have one 5 years ago
My favorite color, Turquoise

At the morning of the 3rd day
We depart to go Cameron, before that we refill in a petrol station
An Indian women surprised by my Sari
She helped me to readjust the Sari as I think I'm not wearing it in the right way
This really warm my heart
I like to be a Malaysian and I'm proud of it

Is a Christmas eve, and we choose to visit the highland in Pahang
The Cameron Highland
It has been a long long long time since the last time I visited the Cameron Highland
Long enough for me to recall the year

A strawberry farm for self harvest and paid after weight measure
RM25 - 500g (the lesser we need to have)

When I was small, I never like to eat any fruit
Even my mom well prepare it in the fridge
I think, I miss a lot good stuff in my childhood
And I want it all now

 Cameron Highland is famous with flowers, fruit & vegetables
There should be mist everywhere in Cameron Highland, base on my memory
And now what I can see, the temperature is dropping
mist gone but still alive in my memory

At the Lavender House, I met another Indian women

 When she saw I'm adjusting my Sari, she come up and offered her help

 I'm so lucky to have so many good people surrounding me

 I'm made a wish from you, cupid angle ^.^

 The farm is manage by people, is artificial for me
However the flower is nature, even it's beauty due to accomplishment of a man

 Women will prefer red flower
but I'm not >.<
What you think about this?

Finally, we reached the tea farm

 Our Nation Flower 'Hibiscus'
I can only found it in red (in Malaysia)
No idea why...

This water is for the tea farm... or from the tea farm??
It's cold and clear
I wish it doesn't have any pesticide dissolved T.T

It's almost dusk when we done our walk in the tea farm
We had spent the whole day in Cameron 

This color look great!
Almost match my Sari

A break and tea time after the walk
We have Ipoh's famous fruit, the pomelo

On the way back to Ipoh, we pass by the waterfall
at the same time while I was fall in a deep sleep Zzzz...