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Sunday, July 14, 2013

25th ~ 26th May Flight from NZ to Gold Coast OZ

Is time to leave NZ
I'm glad that I grabbed the opportunity to have my back pack life about half year over here

I'm not a great ambition person who want to travel around the world
I'm very picky in my living environment even travel environment
It must need to be clean, safe, systematic, sparsely & friendly
It's very particular I know, therefore, don't ask me again about my next destination

It's morning for NZ but yet before dawn for OZ
I looked out the window, imagine that I'm chasing the sun now

Good weather when arrived in Gold Coast

Western breakfast cost me $18++/set

My hotel in Gold Coast

The bathroom


 View from my room

Ya, this is a golf resort

20th ~ 25th May 2010 - Whitianga

Mike McKay (right) - My host in Whitianga 
He is the one who inspired me to take my scuba dive license in Whitianga

His young sister who is a shy & cute girl (left)

Finally I took his suggestion as I really have no idea what to do in Coromandel Peninsula again

Lovely couple from America - Chicago
Rachel & Sean are couch surfer as well
This is their 1st back packing country, I think they gain the same happiness like me in NZ

This is the place I have my 5 days lodging in McKay's house
A car poach, is cold at night no doubt
No heater neither electric blanket here, I was freeze at night

Mike's room
Ya, same room with me. I never know I need to share room with him when I asked for hosting >.<
But he is a nice guy, proper manner that relief me

The man with a hat is Mike McKay, I found this in his room >.<
It does surprised me for a man can totally change his out look by only save his own beard

19th May 2010 Cambridge

I had arrived another host place at Cambridge
I was invited to Cambridge by Barbara for her wwoofing project visit
She is a Geographic Teacher in Argentina, a serious girl I ever met one for an Argentinian 

It's a sunset moment while I reach 
The picture did hold my breath for a second
Nature is beauty doesn't it, but yet all beauty will chance in time

As an Autumn born people like me, believe that this the best season of year, narcissistic no doubt

The Earth House built with 2 years

Every brick, single column, glasses is constructed piece by piece with hand by hand of the couple

They have their own farm as well just behind of the Earth House

They collect and classify all the garbage for easier recycle used
I love their attitude

And, the engineer couple plant their own vegetables for their daily consume purpose

Thanks to my host in Cambridge - Mr Tony Gee
I hope that my curry chicken yesterday not disappointed you and your partner ^.*

Sunday, July 07, 2013

18 ~ 19-5-2013 Kukup Trip

 18th May 2013
We gather all our new & old friends for a short trip to Kukup - A Fishing Village in Johor, Malaysia.
S$95 for the trip
From pickup in Singapore to sending back from Johor;
From 1st day lunch to 2nd day lunch - 5 meals in total;
From boating to Red Wood forest to fish farm~

Before we move in to the chalet, we having our 1st trip meal in a seafood restaurant 

I wonder how they made this fish lantern

The weather is good today, no rain, we can go in the chalet by boat; otherwise, we can go by land transport as well

From front of left side: Vangelynn, Pey Yee, Cedric, Bruce, Betty, Ken, Kok Hong, Kee Chang, Bernyce & Heidi (right front side)

 Finally, we arrived

When low tide on the afternoon, we can see all this kind of creatures just outside our window 

The Karaoke Room is one of the special of this chalet. We all love to sing ^.*

Tea break at 3pm, the owner provide us the fried prawn pancake

All we can see in the village, they try to remain their original face

View from the 2nd floor of chalet, a balcony, you can called it
The owner is making us a BBQ dinner

Let see what we have for our dinner
Prawn, corn, fish, hotdog, fish ball, satay and so on

Fireworks for tonight
RM230 for all?? 

 Is time for lantern now, I was writting my wish on the lantern
 I believe all wishes on the lantern will fly top into the sky, end up will honor by the Buddha

The firework is beauty no doubt, yet I dare not to stand close.... They spare my life once, I should treasure my luck, and stay as far as I could to this resplendent~

Betty didn't put the firework in a proper position, it burst and break the stones they used to hold it~
My heart is about to jump out from my mouth, and my breath was hold until I knew there's nobody get hurt on this accident >.<
Just back to a safe game, good for brain exercise, the Mahjiong time! Oh, I'm just checking the completed full set of the Mahjiong here
2nd day (19th May 2013) 

We went to the Red Wood Forest by boat, just pass by a fish farm that we will visit after the Red Wood Forest

A tower for the hanging bridge 

 Souvenir time! This magnet boat is special I think

Here we come to the Fish Farm for our last visit of our trip
This kid is the son of the Fish Farm owner, he is introduce to the visitor about the marine creatures in Kukup
Unlike others child, he is helping his family business and it does made him look mature than his same age

What the kid called this fish is: the Spray Water
This kind of fish is growth up from the Red Wood forest, I read the documentary about them before. 
They spray water to the sky in order to hit the fly on sky for being their food
I did what the kid asked me to do and the fish does spray water to me >.<

Is time to return home 

Our last lunch of the trip, same restaurant but much more delicious
As we taste the sweet of friendship after the trip

Stay close to your friends while you still can
As we never know when they will leave us one day
for travel, for they new life in a better place, for study, for work....

Good to have my time with you ^.^
And thanks to walk with me along this path~