Special Perform by: Sullivan.W

Saturday, July 24, 2010


4th March

This was the forth days we left Franz Josef and arrive here, the Southeast part of NZ's south island - Bluff
这是我们离开了Franz Josef 后第四天抵达的地方,纽国南岛最南端的Bluff

This is the signpost which tell us the distance between Bluff and others nearest or furthest places.

I can swear this is the most windy country side that I ever been before

I have no choice to put up my hook against the strong wind, no wonder the residents here with the whole face of wrinkles even in young age >.<

Look, what a powerful wave hit on the cliff!

After the slope point, we went to an unknown coast, for the twisted trees
去过了slope point,我们不懂走到哪个附近的海边看形状奇特的树

The twisted trees being torture all the time along this site

Lighthouse is just like a landmark on every coast that I visited all over NZ

Even the strongest wind blow all the time at Bluff, but the glasses here seem stronger enough to survive here...

Li Wen and I did left our footprint here
Just let me have a photo with the strongest creatures here ^.^

Oh no, I didn't know you are here >.<
I just came to say 'Hello', and sorry for disturbing your sleep, please ignore my interrupt

After the coast visited, we came to the fossil forest
We planned to visit on noon, when the time of low tide
Here you see the site now ^.^

There's nobody tell us how is a tree fossil looked like
All the while we just walked and make a guess on every suspicious looking items >.<
This was a forest before a hundred million years ago, after all this time, it's change to a coast, and the rest of trees were lived far away from here

The sky is high over here, atmosphere is light, grass is so green, and I still can't believe I stand on this heaven place
I'm really admire to the people who live here

This was the BBH that we over night at Catlins
It's a dream house for almost all people, it is a house on the coast bay
We can see through the sea view from our bed

Amazing right?

This is the room view from Sue's and Amy's room

And this wonderful view was viewed from my room