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Friday, May 17, 2013

15th March 2010 - Abel Tasman Kayak Tour

Here we are Abel Tasman National Park! It's extremely popular with backpackers who come to kayak along the park's 91km of pristine coastline, which is home to dolphin, fur seals, penguins and variety bird life

It's about 7am we arrived the beach and the coach was given his brief to wake me up >.< 
Able Tasman National Park is NZ's top sea kayaking spot. It is an extremely popular activity with many backpackers and there are a large number of kayaking operators to choose from. 
As you can see my life-jacket, we had engaged Kaiteriteri Kayak. 

We just engage a kayak package about 4 hours, they called it half day tour. As is Autumn now, the night is longer than day, we need to finish the kayak tour earlier.

We did explored the coves, island and lagoons within the shelter of the bay. NZ's fur seals is reside on one of the islands from April - Nov yearly. We are so lucky to see them swim in the sea, at that moment, I feel that we are actually sharing the same land & sea with them. I dare not scare them, I think they are observed us at the same time, I don't want to give them a bad impress >.<

After 2 hours kayaking, our coach bring us to one of an island for tea time, what a relaxing afternoon~ Oh, is just sandwich & coffee, however, for me is better than eating in a hotel restaurant~ Here we had the accompany of the warm sunshine

Our coach appointed a handsome guy, Matt, to be my paddle partner. From here you can see how cute my coach to me right? Even though I'm same boat with handsome Matt, but, we don't have much conversation >.< That's too bad, I never learnt the skill to talk with handsome guy, haha....

After Abel Tasman Kayak tour, we heading to the famous place, The Golden Bay and ready to over night there.

Lucky, we still caught before the nightfall for the sunset photo. The beach is low tide at night, we walked down to the sea and enjoy the sunset there. By the way, I never forget to apply the repellent, along the beach, there's uncountable sand fly are enjoying the same sunset with us

We parked the car on the top side and walk down to the Golden Bay, there's some others who brought along their foldable chair and have their picnic dinner on the beach, I wish I can share the moment with them as well~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

14th March 2010 - Blenheim

We about to over sleep today, is me again the latest one wake up, cause we had predicted that today most possible is scenic viewing along the way to Abel Tasman.

Blenheim is the largest town in the Marlborough region and it is the commercial centre for NZ's top wine producing district. 

They are not only famous with vineyards but their water as well, as you can see here, the lake behind me is clear until you can see the bottom

The attraction for many budget travellers is the abundance of work in the vineyards, especially during the grape harvest season now ^.^ But we never go, as some of my travel mates has been work in vineyards before and have phobia with the yards, I just follow the gang walk along the lakeside

We are heading to Abel Tasman with all the way up hill, from the high place we look down to the Blenheim city, what a peaceful picture~

Oh, I was almost forget the garden in the city~ We been spent some times to walk around the garden, as I like flower and it's actually free entry, I walked in the garden with my half-live body. 
It's the Church Hill Pikimai behind me

After all the scenic walk, I drive out the city with Jason toward Abel Tasman for kayaking tomorrow....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

13 March 2010 - Kaikoura

We met Jason yesterday after the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools. Today is a bright day for Whale sea tour.

Kaikoura is an ordinary town in an extraordinary setting. The centre is stretched out along a bay and against a backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains. Most of its attractions are in the water. 

The ocean here is famous for its rich marine life, making this a popular place to whale watch or swim with fur seals and dusky dolphins. Wait! Are you kidding me to swim into the sea during Autumn? No way, I better keep my eye on the sea for the whale watch 

The Whale watch tour guide promise us to get 2 whales for sure to see, if only one whale we can see, they will refund us half of the total fees ^.^ which is NZD80++


The Kaikoura sea are able to compare it's beauty with Lake Tekapo, such clear water and high sky

After the whale watch and breakfast in a fast food restaurant, we walked to the bay looking for the seals. See? two of them having sun bathing right behind of me >.<

The harbour of Kaikoura look alike the mini size of Wellington' s Harbour. Yachts has occupied the bay

I really like this place, sunny & cloudy today. Blue sea along the bay and wind blow in slow, what a comfortable afternoon

Another side of bay is all the residents houses. And the highway is straight and long all the way to another town 

I get my money refundable on this afternoon as we only see 1 whale ^.^ And I buy myself a lobster meal right beside the road ^.^ As I mentioned before, this sea is rich of marine life~