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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dive in Tioman

Over last weekend I joined a dive trip to Tioman Island (Malaysia) with my colleague Ivy

It's liveaboat journey, which mean we lived in the boat & visit every dive site with the same boat as well
We boarded at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on Friday evening 7pm and start our journey from Singapore straight to Tioman Island.

We stayed on boat 2 days & 2 nights. Half of the passenger on boat are having seasick during the dive trip, lucky, I'm not one of them ^o^
I'm quiet enjoyed the wobble 

After the welcome speech by the young South Africa's Dive Instructor, we been leaded to our own room
I stayed with Ivy and a diver named Jo
All rooms are incredible small

It does remind me a backpacker lodge's room

This is our's dive boat

Plenty of marine life in Tioman Island
They are all same as the residents on the land, darker skin color & tiny sizes

Don't close to the Sea Urchin, it's poisonous

I have been stopped for 1 dive after my 2nd dive in Renggis Reef as I caused myself nose bleeding 
This happened when I was force equalized when I'm down into the sea
I need to admit as I had stop diving after I get my dive license 2 years ago in NZ
I came for this boat dive as I need a refresh course before my Bali's dive in Tulemben at July next month
I have no idea to a force equalize can cause a nose bleeding until Marnus (Dive Master) told me that my new recovered from flu was the culprit of my nose bleeding

As nose link with ears and mouth, I had blood clot in my right eye and I swallowed some of the bloods from my nose

Nothing to worry since I knew what cause this happen to me and I will fully recover after a few days
It's just like a normal wound will recover by it's own

I have been stopped for 1 dive only and I continue to dive after 8 hours resting time
Well, it's still bleeding when every time I went up to the surface, but I don't care at all
As long as this sea have no kill shark, I'm safe for dive

Dessert after dive~

Renggis Reef, the dive site which I have my nose bleeding >.<

According to other divers, there's famous with rich marine life down here. Unfortunately, I has been stopped in the half way of dive T.T 
No fate with the creatures here~

This is our notice board for dive site information, located in our kitchen on the back cabin

I can't recognized myself with this taken photo
Don't worry, although the background is black, but I definitely not having a night dive
Probably was Ivy forget to press the flash

Wrong dive position slow down my speed and affected my buoyancy

Duncan, the Australian who taken the rescue course

The dive at Tiger Reef (which I have been banned for dive) wasn't a good dive for all of us. The surface current is too strong and without a good plan and well communication before the dive, no one actually enjoyed on this dive site

Some of us gather in the cabin for movie when night time, but most of them were still gather at the sundeck for chatting.
All latest movie they played in the mid cabin, I watched , , and
I have just a few glimpses on those mentioned movies, what you think?

Me and my dive gear at the dive deck~

I went to the front deck on last day (Sunday) as I have no movie in the cabin and felt not tired at all as we only have 2 dives on Sunday morning.

Total 5 dives for 2 days stayed on the boat, we came to the end of journey on Sunday night. I still need to back for work tomorrow early morning but I arrived at home on 12am after the trip T.T

Packing my holiday mood and restart my working spirit for my battle field tomorrow~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

12th March Hanmer Springs

Oh, here comes 1 of my favorites place. I need to declare that our earlier plan is to visit Kaikoura today. As we all experienced the unpredictable weather in South Island, we decided to visit the i-site before our journey start.

p/s: I-Site located in every town/village for the convenient of visitors to book their entrance/bus ticket & ask for the details of journey. You can probably get the latest travel info, maps, souvenirs and perhaps a small exhibition corner in an i-site. I did remember an i-site with a great giant ancient bike display right at the entrance. It did impress me.

Finally we make the decision to Hanmer Springs due to the bad weather is coming and we can't see any whale on raining day in Kaikoura. Make up our mind and we just drive through there.

Hanmer Springs is a small alpine town about 150km northeast of Christchurch. The mineral-rich waters of the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve, where you can soak in naturally heated pools & spas, are internationally know and the town has become quite touristy due to the day trippers & pensioners on package tours. Lucky, we can still find a parking lot near to the entrance. I did had my pity experience before with friends having our summer thermal spa which almost killed me. 2 days headache after the half an hour summer thermal spa in Hell's Gate (Rotorua).

Yet, it's different this time with the windy weather during early Autumn. I can't even wait for a second to bath myself into the warm pool. Wait a second, read before you jump in, there's different signboard shown various degree of temperature for different pools. I start from the nearest one to the changing room, 32 degree I guessed. Move slowly to others, until the hottest one I have been soak was 45 degree! Just for about 10 mins I'm with the 45 degree water until I felt a bit giddiness then I left.

We left everything in the locker. Just before we go into the water, we took picture with my camera built hand phone. Just about a second and I felt almost freeze when I went out from the water for this picture.

Sue help me on my picture, wooo.... so comfortable in the warm water now ^o^ I have been slept half an hour in a 38 degree pool (I guess is 38/40 maybe), Sue and May couldn't find me when I rest my head on a stone and fall in sleep with whole of my body in the water. I never have this comfort before~~~

I thought I should feel warmer than before after sometimes but obviously not. With the drizzling above, I'm addicted to the warm of the water and not willing to get out, until I found myself almost soak for 2 hours in the pool, and I left the pool and run straight to the changing room to away myself from the expose cold weather.

Guess what, it's snowing just now! We drove away the thermal reserve and notice the white snow on both sides of road. No wonder that cold~~ Anyway, I love this place. Hanmer Springs is a quite town and everything closes rather early in the evening. The town does not have much else of interest for the backpacker beside some nice walk and cycling tracks (we can't walk/cycling during rain/snowing day). There are opportunities in the area for jet boating, bungy jumping, heli-skiing, and horse riding. Yet, the famous activity here is still SPA-ing.

11th March 2010 From Tekapo Heading to Akaroa

The early morning we left Tekapo and pass by this Salmon Field (Tekapo Canal Salmon Farm) 
Sue & Mei said they are going to buy their breakfast & lunch over here. The salmon fish here is really fresh but I don't think I'm bear to eat them. If you study the character of the fish before, you might rather respect them than to eat them.

You can get to this farm on the way from Lake Tekapo toward Lake Pukaki. They are located at Canal Road, Twizel. I thought the river which contribute to this farm is flow from Tekapo to Pukaki, and finally I open the map found out there's no river connected between these two lake but the other which is Lake Benmore. Once again we thanks to the professor who draw the map~

Farewell with Tekapo, we are straight heading to Akaroa, the banks of Peninsula. We need to cross over Chirstchurch in order to reach Akaroa as that is only one way in.

Akaroa was established by French settlers just after the British colonisation of NZ, and the town still has a distinctly French charm. There are great cafes and boutiques along its streets, nice colonial architecture and restaurants serving French cuisine. Even the street names are French. The Akaroa Harbour is spectacular. Along the sea side, we pray for a little curious head come out from the water surface but we never see any. The Banks Peninsula today offers the visitor outstanding natural beauty and abundant marine life. I was pray for a dolphin.

I wasn't took many photo when I visited Akaroa, but my eyes were attracted by a memorial tower called The Glorious Dead. 

It's built to commemorate those who contributed their lives in those wars wrote in our history book. 103 lives sacrificed during World War 1.

7 men who gave their lives during the Anglo-Boer War, well know as South African War.

28 men who paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War 2

Behind all these sad memories, I did found an paint artist statue somewhere nearby the memorial tower
End of my visit in Akaroa, I think I did feel something different with others

I bet who ever happen to visit Akaroa will not miss him >.<

Monday, June 11, 2012








记得从前爱写作,打开这旧的hardisk里突然看到一写从前的一些手稿,读着从前的心情,就像欣赏一套曾经上演过的旧戏一样,有时回味无穷,有时觉得陈腔滥调... 我叙述心情有时也会欺骗自己,因为写完之后自己会有从读一遍的习惯,华丽的用词可以让颓废的自己心情好转起来,也可以让自己不会那么在意真实的丑陋~

这篇手稿,大概是大学时候写的吧~ Hardisk的日期显示的是2008年9月7号,下午5点