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Saturday, November 06, 2010

6th March Dunedin

We arrived Dunedin on this early morning, and I arranged to meet a new friend from my friend, he is: Bick Hong. A Malaysian from Sarawak state who study Landscape in University of Otago (hopefully I do have a good memory on this >.<)

He brought us to Botanic Garden of Dunedin, and here what we see~
When I saw the big white ribbon, I can make a guess which this maybe a wedding car
I'm not particular on car, definitely can't tell what car it is >.<

Since the driver seat placed on left hand side, I can only tell this car maybe can't drive out to the road

Well, finally we were told by Jason about this car was import from the State, and we found the reason we could take a photo with it ^o^
It's my only reason at least >.<

English garden huh~ This the entrance view of Botanic Garden

Unknown name flowers~

I think Bick Hong was told me before the name of this tree, but, I forget it after a turn of head
By the way, it does had a good smell from its body

Another unknown name flower, I'm quiet bad in gardening >.<
Even I had a lot of unknown, no doubtful is, I'm surrounded by the unknown happiness too~

Ah ha~ I can't stop myself to step on this~

It's really fun when you found your self get rid of the gravity
Hurray!!! People said it's hard to found the truth happiness from an adult
And I think, that because their can't stop them self to envy on those they think they are fortune than them
...... 5 mins we spend here like a kid

Bick Hong is a good host, straight away he brought us to the popular beach, The Tunnel Beach

There is no doubt for the beauty of the beach, we walk as fast as we can to reach the bottom of the cliff...

Can you see a tunnel there?
We were just half way to the beach, and the tunnel seems not clear to see from the photo we took~

Ya we would like to walk down further, but... we aware this notice~

Tunnel - 20 min downhill - 40 min uphill!!! Total will be 1 hour of walk, only ~~~
Sorry, this is an acid test for a city girl, and we all give up without a vote >.<

And, our greatest host brought us to Dunedin beach
The closer beach in the city
We had a slow walk along the coast line
Wind blow and bird fly in the air..... I left my foot print on the sand field, although the waves will wash through it....
How many of you can imagine our relaxation now?

Can you see Nike on the air? How coincident.... Just like the fate among strangers which will bring them along no matter how far apart of them

The view just looked beautiful under Jason's camera~

Suddenly, there's a disturbance from people, a man wear women's cloths with a wig run on the street and another man keep chasing behind him and seems like recording on him with his hand phone~

I didn't get more details on this matter, with refer on Bick Hong's calm face, I guess this is nothing new for Dunedin~

And we stay around 1 hour here end up with a photo of this beautiful beach~

I like a lake rather than a sea
I feel calm and peaceful with a lake, not a sea
What do you think about that?

I have no idea where about us of this lake in Dunedin
But the lake view was just awesome to me

I don't know whether people is allow to swim in the lake or not, but as I (and you) can see, there's some 'facilities' float on the lake. A float slide and a platform over there~

I would like to swim in the lake, 'unfortunately', I forget to bring out my changing cloths >.<

The sky is always too high for me in NZ
I wonder because of the 'blue' or the clouds were too low over here?
Or maybe, the wind is too strong here to bring out the clouds from the sky?
Can't get any reason of why....

Is wonderful to have an ice-cream while enjoying the view~

What a good relaxing place right?
I wish there's a lake view for my future house

Soon, the night arrived without any notified ~
It was just nice to have a drink after another busy day, even we were busy in travel

As a host, a good host, he treat us a cocktail with Frangelico and lemonade ~
Yes, I like cocktail, I know this by today ^.^

We were trying to learn the skill to make a good cocktail

Lucky, I learnt Majiong before, at least I won't be bored after a drink :P

Wakakaka..... Is my turn to win now

This, is the night of Dunedin
With the dark sea as the protector of the city, we slept tight over the night~

The End of first day in Dunedin...