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Sunday, June 29, 2014

24th & 25 - Farm life & Mýrdalsjökull

After work, I requested to visit Ragnar's horses

Impressed on the friendly of Icelandic Horses

They are short, calm and human friendly

They origin breed and brough by viking in 8oo century from Scandinavia
Glacier in Mýrdalsjökull

Black Sand in Vik

Airplane carcass (US navy - Dakota) in Sólheimasandur’s black sandy beach
The air crew survived after the force landing and the wreckage left in the crash site
The location in South Iceland for the airplane is: 63.46,-19.36

Swan in Vik - The Icelander call them Alft

Dinner prepared by Ragnar - Roasted lamb's rib

Lamb from Ragnar's farm
He always gave name to his own lamb, but I don't like to know the name from this lamb as I'm actually eating it's rib
I have no idea how Ragnar can kill his own lamb when he has a name for them like a pet

Saturday, June 14, 2014

22nd May - Vatnajökull & Jökulsarlon

I planned hitch-hike to Vatnajökull for the greatest glacier in South Iceland, the only bus from the town left when I had just finished my work in the farm at 11.45am

When we come up to the main road all the way drive to the East, we can see the peak of  Vatnajökull from far. Even it's still have 2 hours drive to reach there 

I'm lucky to hitch-hike with a tractor driver who are going to east of Iceland and he will bypass Skaftafell (Vatnajökull) the National Park in South Iceland

 During the way from Vik to Vatnajökull, we passby a place full of lava form everywhere
Kunnal (the name of the kind tractor driver, 70's old this year) told me this is the area where  Lakagígar happen between year 1783 - 1784

Lakagígar is volcanic fissure in a mountain name Laki in south Iceland
Mountain Laki doesn't erupt itself but fissures opened on each side of it
This is the greatest eruption in the world comes to date
It killed almost 50% of livestock and human population in Iceland
It's affected the great revolution in France at the same time as well

During the trip, there's waterfall almost every mountain

The black sand along the coast line all the way from south to east

The water of ocean is getting less and lesser yearly.... 
Therefore the black sand appeared from the water level

Finally we saw the Vatnajökull but it's still an hour to reach there

Road No.1 to Skaftafell (Vatnajökull)

And, we passby the longest bridge in Iceland

There's the glacier we can easily see from the main road. 8100 sq km, reaches a thickness of 1km in places and, if you could find a scale big enough, you'd find it weights 3000 billion tonnes!! Well, don't ask me how I know all about this as I just transform the message from Lonely Planet like most of the blogger does the same ^o^ At least it's referable

 The volcanol has been erupted last time and cause the collapsed of Gigjukvisl bridgeat 1996's

 The white area is theVatnajökull - Earth's largest ice cap outside the poles. It's boundaries encompass the ice cap and the former Skaftafell and Jökulsarlon Natural Parks, forming a 12,000-sq-km megapark that covers 12% of Iceland

 After persuaded by Kunnal, I decided to drop off at Jökulsarlon, as there's a touristm hot spot place

 The glacier here cause the lower temperature of the surrounding area, I was walking around the place about an hour then decided to leave before it's too late to hitch-hiking back to Vik 

Another unknown Icelander brought be back this time


It's my 1st journey video I made while sort of bore during hitch-hiking. Coincident my MP3 playing the music and I can't hold myself to do not think about my friends not with me at this moment

Thursday, June 05, 2014

21st May - Farm house with Mýrdalsjökull

The road from Vik to Ragnar's farm in Road No.1
I'm consider lucky to stay in a farm house right beside the main road which lead to anywhere of the south

 Ragnar's farm house have really great view with Mýrdalsjökull

Vik have population around 300 residents

Ragnar's back yard for his sheep

From the backyard we can see the cliff that we climb up yesterday

 The sunset here started from 11.45pm since May of year and getting late day by day due to the arrival of summer

19th May - Vik

The famous Reynisdranger Rock Pillars in Vik

Stones here are all black and harder than others normal stone
The mountain and ground here has been reformed year-by-year when every eruption happen

The wind is not strong and we have a sunny day today

Vik famous with it's balck sand beach

We are drove up to the mountain for puffin spotting, but the cliff has been claimed by the seagull as their territory earlier
I decided to visit the island of puffin soon ^.*