Special Perform by: Sullivan.W

Friday, September 12, 2014

21st June - Last day in Skye

Good day at the morning
I found myself really stupid to forget bring my own food
Lucky, the pub did open at the morning for breakfast

Let me introduce the Traditional Scottish Smoked Fish - Kippers
Famous with countless bone >.<
The scenic behind the bunkhouse is really nice
If you can't see how nice is it, that might be due to my bad photography skill ^o^

Such a nice weather when I was about time to leave
Why I don't get the same weather on yesterday?

I love hitchhiking, when it's safe to do it I will do it all the time

A nice old couple pick me up when they saw my written destination
They are going the same place as I do

A little white shop house beside the port
I like anything when it's look clean and tidy
But I never expect that I would actually bought myself some sourvenier
It's all wool products in the shop

Selfie while await for the ferry back to mainland

Scenic of port in Armadale

Finally the ferry approached 
Can you see how clear the water?

Arrived  Mallaig from Armadale (Skye)

 Skye's famous Fish & Chips... Sorry, only Fish ^o^ I prefer haddock than the traditional cod

I met a viking in the train station!!!

The only food I don't like in Scotland is their famous 'Haggis' >.<
It's made by sheep's bladder =.= yuck!!!
I can't take any animal's organ please T.T

Ladies and Gentleman, please be attention after this station as we are going to Hogwart soon!!
Well, this is Glenfinnan Viaduct in West Higland Line

I'm so tired all along the way back home, but the stunning view kept awaken me

It's a ruin old stone house, yet outstanding on the large green field

Train transfer over here back to Oban

Waiting alone in Crianlarich
It's a nice transaction place I would said