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Monday, October 13, 2014

5th July - Belfast

Today is my day off
3 of us visiting the capital city of Northern Ireland - Belfast

Chris and Mandy like to shop in the local traditional market - St George's Market
Just like the Pasar Pagi in Malaysia
Many stall gather in a same place
Food (cooked or uncook), accessories, paint and music!!!

Chris came here for just the fish market

After the St George's Market, we arrived the stadium of Titanic
I never watched this movie before as it's kind of romantic and love movie, which I'm not really fancy on it
But it's good to find out that the Titanic is born in Belfast ^o^

This is where the pump house for Titanic
Passenger and cars drive in from here, and when the gate is open, the water from sea will fill up the pump house and float the ship, then, Titanic is ready to sail out!

As I had suggested some herbs ingredient of China to make soup, Chris and Mandy brough me here for shopping ^o^

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