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Saturday, October 04, 2014

22-6-14 Highland Games

I met them right at the front door of the Backpacker when the time I went out for the Highland Games

I have no idea where is the Highland Games location, but there's signboard everywhere

On my way looking for the Highland Games, I saw few ducks feeding along the drainage


Finally... I found it

Enjoying the Highland Games with Emily from Netherlands 

Our friend, Alex (US) is involed in the game, we all shout for him ^o^

Scotland's Pipe Band


Anonymous said...

你的update往往比你的行程慢。。。。 >.<

Sullivan Wong said...

要让你失望了,要排长龙呢~ 可能写到十二月才会写到 ^o^ 而且还不是很详细的那种