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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

24th - 26th June - Viking Festival

Today is the date I set out to Tarbert for the Viking Festival
I done my duty at morning shift, set out at evening ^.*
Before that, I realised my return bus ticket is a day earlier of my actual date
As the ticket conductor has told me once the ticket is sold, then I can never change the date anymore
I really don't feel like to buy another new ticket on top of that
Therefore, I would like to try my luck with the sympathetic of Scottish
Finally, the beautiful kind lady did help me to exchange the date, and I don't mind she nag on my fault ^o^

Rush for the bus on evening
Finally catch my breath when I get my seat in the bus... sigh... why I have to do this everytime

On my way to Tarbert, there's loch view all the way, gorgeous!

Here I arrived! Tarbert Harbor!

All the volunteers and ship owners are here~
We have a nice time for dinner
There's 11 archers from North Ireland volunteer for this festival
The rest of them are ship's owner in Scotland

Night time 11pm - Tarbert Harbor

Morning 8am - Tarbert Harbor

 Get a Viking make up in the early morning


Ready to attack the village!! We are now sail up on Loch Fyne
In fact is, there's pretty cold there... We might have problem on even landing, I doubt on the attack action =.=

Free beer and food rewarded after we had 'invaded' the bar ^o^
But I'm satisfied with just food and a warm water ^o^

Lovely Highland cows just right out of the bar in the open field area


26th June 2014 (Day after yesterday)

As a volunteer, I have no place to take my shower
Sleep in the control room on a chair
Freezing during the night
Just be a viking!!! 

Loch view is just stunning when under the sun shine

Meet the viking's dog!!!

There's ship paddling competition
1 of the ship is an old man who involved the volunteer on yesterday sailing from Tarbert to Loch Fyne
His ship won the competition eventually, viking power!!!

The Viking longship!!!Look out!!

Another town to invade - Ardsaigh
And also the place the Viking (mean us) get bully by another gang of little viking

Here we returned from Loch Fyne to Tarbert the next day

There's a Scot Pipe Player welcome us with the Pipe music

What is more important than to have a hot shower during a cold day?
It's really a good public shower in the harbor

With clear instruction and functionable heater
I feel myself like to sleep in there

Here you can see, we are only paddle for 45mins the max and we all went into the boat for tea as it will drag the longship to next destination (and we went into the longship again before we get close to the shore ^.* Viking play trick huh)
Don't be silly, we won't paddle all the way up to the loch and return ^o^



The longship is going to on shore for 2 days in Tarbert and it will sail again at 28th June, which I had return Oban >.<
Anyway, this 2 days sailing experience are good enough for me 
Not everyone can be a Viking, I realised 

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