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Saturday, October 11, 2014

1st July 2014 - Scotland to Northern Ireland

Oban - Glasgow by train

Beautiful building in St Mungo

My self prepared lunch in Oban yesterday >.<

This my 1st time know about Shiva As Nataraja (The Lord of the Dance)
It's a popular image of the Hindu god Shiva, showing how he subdued 10,000 heretics by dancing on the demon of ignorance.
This dramatic yet serene bronze image of Shiva illustrates a legend which tells of a battle during which the god subdued 10,000 heretical holy men. In the final conflict the holy men employed a fierce black dwarf, the demon of ignorance Apasmarapurusa, to destroy Shiva with a club. Shiva put one foot on the dwarf's back and performed a magical dance which was so brilliant that the dwarf and then the holy men acknowledged Shiva as their master. The dance has been interpreted as encapsulating the eternal cycle of creation and destruction that constitutes the universe.

St Mungo Catheral - It's the most beautiful Catheral that I ever met

I like the concept of 'Rent the Bicycle' and cycle around the city
You can choose whichever bicycle you like and received a password to unlock the bicycle

Glasgow City Centre

I should have notice this on my 1st day arrived Glasgow  T.T
I stayed less than 28 days in Oban

Lunch in the airport

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