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Thursday, October 09, 2014

29th June - Glencoe

Today is my last time to travel with Peter (The Host of Backpacker)

Glencoe is a famous sking place in west scotland, well, in winter time


We set out with 3 cars and 1 is missing with wrong turn before the Glencoe
That cause this guys turn out late

My only training shoes has been washed and yet dry off (thanks to the Viking Festival >.<)
Therefore I went up the mountain by snow boot
Which is really bad for hiking I know

The Devil's Staircase in Glencoe is really devil indeed
I can't reach the top with my boots and decided to come down rather then struggled to go up
Time is run out, they have been on the top more than 10 mins, is useless for me to reach the top when everyone is on their way downhill   T.T

Peter and me is the last 2 climbers out of all
At least, I do have some good photo with me, don't you think so?
By the way, Peter lie to me, he said there's no midgets in Glencoe and I just proof it was a wrong statement, I did get lot of bite by midgets

From the way back to Oban, Peter said we can have a stop for the castle, the famous Eilean Donan Castle
This photo taken by friend of mine from Spain (Alex)
I believe is somehow after effect but can't denied it's look good ^.*

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